The Physiotherapy Course :
  1. The four and half years of Bachelor of Physiotherapy course have been divided into four years of academic and half year of internship. The course begins in the month of August or on completion of admission process by the Central Admission Committee governed by the State Government.
  2. Total 2 years of Master of Physiotherapy course. The course begins in the month of July or on completion of admission process by the Saurashtra University.
Course fees :
The Fee committee has fixed Rs.0.65 lack per year for this Bachelor of Physiotherapy course and Rs. 2 lack per year for Master of Physiotherapy course and the fees structure will be revised every 3 years by the government fee committee. The fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term. One academic year has two terms. Master of Physiotherapy students are also provided stipends per month as per trust rules.
Eligibility for admission to the course :
For Bachelor of Physiotherapy course admissions are carried by Central Admission Committee. If seats remain vacant then only admissions are given by College itself. In Master of Physiotherapy course 100% admissions are given by Saurashtra University.
Curriculum Details
Minimum teaching hours as prescribed in various disciplines are as detailed therein
For Bachelor of Physiotherapy:
Subject First Year
Human Anatomy 260 Hrs
Human Physiology 220 Hrs.
Psychology & Sociology 80 Hrs. (40 Hrs. each)
Fundamentals of Electrotherapy 45 Hrs.
Exercise Therapy – I & Massage Manipulation 150 Hrs.
Subject Second Year
Pathology & Microbiology 100 Hrs.
Bio – Chemistry 40 Hrs.
Medicine – I : General Medicine 35 Hrs
Pediatric 20 Hrs.
Dermatology 20 Hrs.
Surgery – I : General Surgery 25 Hrs.
Plastic Surgery, Traumatology 25 Hrs.
Exercise Therapy –II 150 Hrs.
& Bio – Mechanics – Kinesiology 80 Hrs.
Electro Therapy – I 150 Hrs.
Subject Third Year
Medicine – II Neurology 40 Hrs.
Obs. & Gynecology, Dermatology 40 Hrs.
Surgery - II Orthopaedics & C. T. Surgery 110 Hrs.
Electro Therapy –II 150 Hrs.
Pharmacology 40 Hrs.
Bio – Statistics & Research Methodology 45 Hrs.
Subject Fourth Year
Physiotherapy in Neuromuscular conditions 120 Hrs.
Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary conditions 120 Hrs.
Physiotherapy in General Medical conditions 120 Hrs.
Physiotherapy in Musculo Skeletal conditions 120 Hrs.
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation 35 Hrs.
No Exam Going Subject Hours
Psychiatry 30 Hrs.
E.N.T. 10 Hrs.
Ophthalmology 10 Hrs.
Ethics & Administration 15 Hrs.
Institutional visits, conferences, educational tours and others 300 Hrs.
Clinical Hours during F.Y., S.Y., T.Y. and Final Year 2022 Hrs
  Final Year
Clinical Hours during Internship 1000 Hrs.
For Master of Physiotherapy:
Subject First Year
Basic Sciences
Work physiology and electrophysiology 100
Biomechanics and bioengineering 60
History of physiotherapy education and practice 10
Principles of physiotherapy education 20
Education technology 50
Research methodology and biostatistics 70
Ethics, Management and planning 50
Physical and functional diagnosis I 50
Advanced physiotherapeutics I 50
Clinical training 1200
Seminars, Journal Clubs, Case presentations, teaching skills, Field works etc. 100
TOTAL 1760
Subject Second Year
Physical and functional diagnosis II 50
Advanced physiotherapeutics II (Medical) 50
Advanced physiotherapeutics II (Surgical) 50

- Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy

- Neurological physiotherapy

- Cardio - pulmonary physiotherapy

- Pediatric physiotherapy

- Community physiotherapy

- Sports physiotherapy

- Electrophysiology and Electro diagnosis.
Clinical training 1260
Seminars 50
TOTAL 1760